If you are using JR Train to Yoichi, please refer below.

Head toward the JR 'New Chitose Airport' train station.

Take the moving walkway to the elevator.

Use the Elevator to go to 'B1F' if you have many luggages or using cart.

You might use the escalator if you don't use cart.

Don't buy your ticket with the vending machine (Tickets not available to Yoichi).

Buy your ticket to Yoichi at the counter.

If you prefer reserved seat (named 'U-Seat'), it is available with additional 520 yen.

This is the ticket for reserved seat 'U-Seat'. (520 yen).

This is the ticket to Yoichi (2,300 yen).

Go through the wicket by inserting your ticket.
If you have the reserved seat ticket, put it in together.

Don't forget to take your ticket from the wicket.

It will take about 1 hour and 17 minutes to arrive to the end, Otaru Station.

Then, make your transfer to Yoichi. Ask the station employee for the platform.
(Usually platform No.4)

Yoichi is the 3rd station from Otaru, and your ride will be about 30 minutes.
 There is only one exit at Yoichi Station.  Give your ticket to the  station employee to exit.
 We will be waiting for you here!